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PJs Puppy Love

We practice high standards to prevent disease and promote healthy parents and puppies. We want you to have peace of mind that you are buying a healthy puppy and we provide this generous health and genetic warranty.

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PJs Puppy Love

Our Story


It was a cold snowy day in February and my birthday when I brought my Goldendoodle Boola home and surprised the family by announcing the new addition! My husband was in shock and my children and grandchildren were all delighted! I took her outside for a potty break and she looked deep into my eyes all the way to my heart and asked will you take care of me and protect me and love me? I promised her that day I would and said a little prayer of gratitude for the innocent young puppy that was now my responsibility.

Boola has been a loyal friend and affectionate companion, she is a loved member of our family. We are always learning new things together. After she had her first litter I knew there was so much more to learn. It's not only about what to do and how to do it but it's about why. People want and need puppies for many reasons. Boola has brought so much joy to me and her puppies bring even more! My son is allergic to animals and he was able to take Queenie home, one of Boola's puppies. PJs Puppy Love was named after my grandchildren Penny and Jeremy who love their puppy and she loves them! 

We are motivated by our wonderful and caring puppy owners who share Puppy Love with us. We are driven by improving the care of our mama dogs and the lives of their puppies by how we care for them. The pups inspire us as they soak in the world during early critical learning periods. 

We see the patience and expertise of their mother teaching them. We follow experts to deliberately set the foundation for them to be healthy and good puppies. They work hard to be the best puppy for you and trust us to find the best owner for them. 

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