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Satisfied Clients and Puppies!


I cannot recommend PJ's Puppy Love enough. The puppies are so well taken care of from birth (it's very obvious that Vinnie loves dogs and this isn't just a job for her). I appreciate how the puppies are given all their shots and get all their vet check-ups. Vinnie was also fully upfront about any health concerns she had even if they were very minor. I also appreciated that she vetted the families that bought the puppies and tried to ensure the puppies were going to be well taken care of after they went to their forever home. Another thing that gave me peace of mind was the health guarantee, I felt comfortable that she could stand behind her breeding practices and it was very obvious that she has done a lot of research on breeding. Cheddar, my dog, is the sweetest and is amazing with my young children. You can really tell that he came from parents with a great temperament.

Melissa John
Puppy: Cheddar- standard goldendoodle


I highly (HIGHLY!) recommend PJ’s Puppy Love.  Vinnie takes the health, wellbeing, and development of her puppies very seriously and is clearly in it for the love of puppies!  She also vets the families carefully, which I appreciate.  Our Edgar’s amazingness defies words.  I asked my daughter to describe him and she simply said, “He’s the love of my life.”  He’s whip-smart, easy-to-train, and so conscientious.  I’ve had a lot of dogs in my time, but never one quite like Edgar--his personality is so wonderful.  He has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives.  Thank you, Vinnie!

Billie Gray
Puppy Edgar mini goldendoodle


Queen is a service dog working with a very special little girl.

Auban & Aria Burr
Puppy: Queen- tandard golden sheepadoodle

Coco (1)_edited.png

Coco is a very sweet affectionate girl. She is very intuitive, smart, and strong.
We have a companion miniature Australia Shepard for her and they love each other dearly. Her energy matches and may even exceed the level of Prince our Australian Shepard. 
Prince likes to take off whenever he gets a chance. One day when we were out playing fetch Prince took off. My granddaughter and I stopped our game with the other two dogs to try to get him back in the game*. When to our surprise Coco took off running in his direction and grabbed his leash and brought him back into the game.  She is a wonderful companion.

Paula Dison
Puppy: Coco Chanelle- mini goldendoodle

Zelda pool.jpeg

My sweet shadow Zelda has been such a blessing to our family as our first puppy experience. Vinnie shows amazing love and care for her puppies before she sends them to their forever home. Zelda came up-to-date on all medical care as well as Kennel trained, basic commands and she only had a few accidents before she got the hang of it here. Zelda has been quick to learn new commands and good with my kids. We’ve only had her for a few months, but I couldn’t imagine life without her.

Morgan Semadeni
Puppy: Cheddar- standard goldendoodle

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